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on Steroids

OzMarkt is a robust and fully customizable two-sided marketplace solution for businesses looking to build a platform to connect providers and customers everywhere.

Launch early!
Nowadays, you need more than just a plain MVP to satisfy the needs of your customers. Built on Ruby on Rails, OzMarkt is a quick marketplace solution allowing you to save up to 35% of time on product development and ensure early market launch.
Customize everything!
Unlike Shopify, OzMarkt allows you to build your own, fully custom marketplace with the features you need. It comes with a robust code base that includes pre-built modules ready to be customized, making it a huge budget-saver for startups and small businesses.
Delight your audience!
Are you looking to build an online retail marketplace for your offline business? Is your goal to create a flexible marketing platform? With OzMarkt, you can implement any business model and tailor its features to fit the needs of your target audience.

Solve your business challenges with OzMarkt

OzMarkt provides a robust foundation to help you get started and grow your business efficiently.
Quick setup
Working with OzMark is all about efficiency and the setup process is no exception! Get the platform up and running in minutes!
Mobile apps included
Save money on mobile expansion! OzMarkt comes with native Android & iOS apps ready for customisation.
Built for growth
Scale you marketplace platform as your business grows! OzMarkt is designed to handle100k users and even more.
Seamless integration
Whether you need to add some marketing automation tools or implement a third-party API, OzMarkt supports it all.
Data protection
You are the only person who has access to your marketplace data or customer information. No third-parties or even our team can tamper it.
Secure and fast payments
OzMarkt supports most payment gateways, such as Stripe or PayPal. We made sure your customers can accept payments anytime, anywhere!
Book a custom development for your future product
Discovery Phase
We collect all the necessary information for our client and form a set of technical specifications and requirements to help to understand business goals and required budgets.
Design Phase
The Design Phase is where you look at the many potential solutions and narrow down the choices to determine the most effective and efficient way to construct the solution. The Design Phase answers the questions about "how" you will build the best solution. At the end of the Design Phase, you will have a logical solution defined.
MVP Development Phase
The MVP phase is a productive way of moving the development in the right direction in terms of making a product that people will actually want to use and pay for and generating initial revenue. As the result of the phase, you'll have a first working product to attract first customers after 3-4 months of the development.
Post-MVP Phase
With a minimum viable product or MVP created and running, it is time to create a scalable product that satisfies a wide range of consumers. It is difficult to choose the right workflow for the initial launch, but each post-MVP stage serves a specific purpose and brings the product closer to the desired result - the top positions among users and market competitors. We will help in gathering and analyzing user feedback and scaling the project according to the market needs.
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